ESA Identification Kit

ESA Identification Kit



Providing ESA Identification to show that your companion is an Emotional Support Animal is the easiest and fastest way to avoid confusion or conflict.
Your ESA Identification Kit will include:
(2) ESA Identification Cards, (1) Cardholder with loop. These cards are intended solely for identifying your ESA animal. Medical letter not included.
Includes two (2) PVC Cards that are credit card sized to fit in your wallet and One (1) plastic cardholder with a loop that can be used

Emotional Support Companion Animal Identification

Emotional Service Animal (ESA)

Make living with your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) easier with proper identification.

ESA Identification can be ordered online and delivered to your home.

Information required to obtain ESA Identification

  • Animal's Name
  • Birthdate
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Photo
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
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24 Hour Dog Access

If you have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) you shouldn’t have to separate from them.

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Providing Identification to show that your companion is ESA Is the easiest and fastest way to avoid confusion or conflict.


The Air Carrier’s Access Act (ACAA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA), protect owners of Emotional Support Animals from discrimination by commercial airlines and landlords allowing them into areas that might normally have pet or breed or size restrictions. ESAs are allowed in the cabin of the commercial aircraft free of charge as long as they fit under your seat. Under the Fair Housing Act, landlords are prevented from discriminating against people with disabilities and must allow Emotional Support Animals in all housing and waive all pet deposits and rent fees.

Emotional support animals may be allowed in the workplace or school.

For your companion to qualify as an Emotional Support Animal, the law requires that the handler have a letter of prescription from a mental health professional explaining that the Emotional Support Animal provides therapeutic value to its handler. This can be obtained directly from your medical provider.

You don’t need to provide your doctor’s note to us to obtain identification, but you may be asked to produce it to an airline or landlord in addition to your ESA identification.

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Emotional Support Animals require no specific certification but should be friendly and well mannered in public areas.

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What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An Emotional support animal is a companion pet that provides emotional support to alleviate a symptom or effect of a disability. Unlike Service Dogs, Emotional Support Animals are not required to perform specific tasks.