About Petkey

Pet Recovery and Dog Training Services

Petkey was originally established in 2003 to create a better way to find missing pets. We recognized that the technology exists to identify and return any missing pet, but due to confusion in the microchip industry and lack of comprehensive international lost pet recovery efforts, less than 10% of missing pets ever return home. Petkey has handpicked the best elements of pet recovery to create the best program available. Petkey has since integrated dog training and behavior modification to our core services because it is an important factor in keeping pets safe and manageable. The #1 reason dogs and cats are taken to shelters (and euthanized) is because of trainable behavior problems.

Our "core service" partners represent the ideals we have embraced and the best practices in their respective fields of expertise. We continue to enhance our bundled service offerings under a single membership, Petkey, in an ongoing effort to fulfill our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

To serve and protect pets, pet households and pet professionals.
To develop, distribute and administer the best pet services, technology and programs available.
To promote responsible pet industry stewardship.


Meet the dedicated members of our Petkey team.

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Founder & CEO

Brian has been active in the pet industry and animal behavior for over 25 years. During this time he has founded several companies focused on responsible pet ownership: Dogstar Productions, the leading dog training video series, HelpmefindMYPET, now the largest “Amber Alert” for lost and stolen pets, and Petkey. Brian has also developed private label pet products and invented & patented 'The SnapLead™ humane training leash".

Nick Acosta

Nicholas Acosta

Co-founder & President

Nick has been an avid entrepreneur through assorted small businesses ventures since an early age. Acosta helped establish Petkey's reputation as the premier missing pet alert service throughout North America. While attending Wayne State University in 1996, Acosta was introduced to the pet industry as an animal behaviorist learning the trade from some of the most recognized trainers in America. After establishing clients throughout all of Metro Detroit, Acosta moved to New York City where he opened his second training school. He holds a B.S. in Finance from Wayne State University graduating with honors where he also serves as the Vice President of Board Development for the School of Business. Nicholas Acosta is married to Madeline and has two sons together.

Blair Ganske

Blair Hulet

Executive Vice President

At Petkey, Blair ensures that effective operations and infrastructure are in place to support all members of the Petkey team. She is a certified animal behaviorist gaining experience working with, caring for and studying many types of animals throughout her career. She holds a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin.

Justin Crawford

Justin Crawford

Director of Technology

Justin is a software engineer with over 10 years experience leading and contributing to large scale software development projects.   He is recognized for his expertise in software engineering methodology and his ability to successfully deliver projects that meet the highest quality standards. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Arizona State University.


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