About Petkey

Pet Recovery and Dog Training Services

Petkey was originally established in 2003 to create a better way to find missing pets. We recognized that the technology exists to identify and return any missing pet, but due to confusion in the microchip industry and lack of comprehensive international lost pet recovery efforts, less than 10% of missing pets ever return home. Petkey has handpicked the best elements of pet recovery to create the best program available. Petkey has since integrated dog training and behavior modification to our core services because it is an important factor in keeping pets safe and manageable. The #1 reason dogs and cats are taken to shelters (and euthanized) is because of trainable behavior problems.

Our "core service" partners represent the ideals we have embraced and the best practices in their respective fields of expertise. We continue to enhance our bundled service offerings under a single membership, Petkey, in an ongoing effort to fulfill our mission statement.

Our Mission Statement

To serve and protect pets, pet households and pet professionals.
To develop, distribute and administer the best pet services, technology and programs available.
To promote responsible pet industry stewardship.


Located in Wixom, the Metro Detroit area of Michigan USA..

28525 Beck Rd
Wixom, MI 48393


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