Found Dog - Unknown Breed

Last Seen: 5/3/2021


Additional Information

Breed: Unknown Breed
Coloring: White and Tan
Microchip: N/A
Ref #: 60343
Comments: Sweetest white and tan dog. One blue eye, one brown. Looks to be around 40 - 60 lbs. Possibly a husky mix. Very sweet. Not at all aggressive. A little afraid. Seemed to have a broken, red plastic collar that may have had the written name “Mesa” on it. A gas station worker said she/he has been lost their or continuously coming back to this gas station for a year. Called humane society and other resources but was unable to get help. I thought to take her but I had two dogs in my car and didn’t thi

Do you know who I am? If so, please let us know.