Found Dog - Mixed Terrier

Last Seen: 8/1/2020


Additional Information

Breed: Mixed Terrier
Gender: Female
Coloring: White & Tan
Microchip: No
Ref #: 57823
Comments: Small white/tan short haired female dog. She looks like a mixed terrier breed. I found her in the middle of the street with cars zooming by her on each side on San Fernando Mission Road & Haskell at 9 pm on Saturday 8/01/20. She was wearing a leopard print bow collar (with no tags) and a floral bandana (like they give at the groomers). She appears to be older because she looks like she has cateracts. She’s very sweet and gets along with children and other dogs and appears to be trained. I took h

Do you know who I am? If so, please let us know.