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Found Dog - Chihuahua

Last Seen: 1/11/2019


Additional Information

Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Coloring: Tan light and darker
Microchip: N/A
Ref #: 52851
Comments: I don’t have this dog but it’s been running around the Raising Canes parking lot at 99th & McDowell since at least 1/3/19. That’s when I first noticed it but don’t know exactly how long it’s been here. It was seen again today 1/11/19. The Chihuahua has been dodging cars and running in and out of traffic. It is going to get hit if someone doesn’t come for it. Hopefully it’s owner sees this. It looks like it may be a male but not positive. Picture is blurry. Can’t get close to it. It’s a tan/light

Do you know who I am? If so, please let us know.