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Breed: American Shorthair
Gender: Male
Age: 13 Years
Microchip: 0A12395237
Rabies Tag:
Color: Yellow with a bit of white
Lost 7/3/2023
Lost Pet


Breed: Siberian Cat/Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male
Age: 2022 Years
Microchip: 985141005510217
Rabies Tag:
Color: light gold
Lost 3/24/2023
Lost Pet


Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Years
Microchip: 985141004637992
Rabies Tag: Yes
Color: Brindle
Lost 2/14/2022
Lost Pet

Animal Medical Clinics of Quincy Ltd.

Address: 2803 Wismann Lane
Location: Quincy, Illinois 62301
Phone: 217-222-8383
Email: animalmedicalclinics@yahoo.com

Paw Pals Inc.

Address: PO Box 568
Location: Quincy, Illinois 62306
Phone: 217-228-7441
Email: pawpals@adams.net

Purr Contentment Cat Rescue

Address: 1729 Summers Lane
Location: Quincy, Illinois 62305
Phone: 217-224-6401
Email: purrcontentment@hotmail.com

Quincy Humane Society

Address: 1705 North 36th Street
Location: Quincy, Illinois 62305
Phone: 217-223-8786
Email: findapet@adams.net