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Breed: Pit Bull
Gender: Female
Age: 2022 Years
Microchip: 982126057030188
Rabies Tag:
Color: Gray and white
Lost 10/18/2022
Lost Pet


Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years
Microchip: 981020041517363
Rabies Tag: 21-0124
Color: Whit/Grey
Lost 6/7/2022
Lost Pet

Animal Hospital of Rhea County

Address: 9961 Rhea County
Location: Dayton, Tennessee 31321
Phone: 423-775-4003

Effingham County Animal Control Shelter

Address: 307 Hwy 119 South
Location: Springfield, Georgia 31321
Phone: 912-754-2109
Email: abuamann@effinghamcounty.org

Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence Inc.

Address: 100 Dichroic Dragon Dr
Location: Pembroke, Georgia 31321
Email: animaldefenders@gardonline.org