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Breed: Tabby
Gender: Male
Age: 2 Years
Microchip: 981020037779961
Rabies Tag:
Color: Gray/White
Lost 7/5/2021
Lost Pet


Breed: American Shorthair
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Years
Microchip: 985112008055838
Rabies Tag:
Color: Brown Black strides White Face and chest Green e
Lost 7/26/2020
Lost Pet


Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Years
Microchip: 982126052429380
Rabies Tag:
Color: Black and white
Lost 7/2/2020
Lost Pet


Breed: Boston Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: 11 Years
Rabies Tag:
Color: Brown & white (brindle)
Lost 7/5/2014
Lost Pet

Mount Hope Animal Hospital INC

Address: 645 Bristol Ferry Road
Location: Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871
Phone: 401-683-3743

Newport Animal Hospital

Address: 333 Valley Rd
Location: Middletwon, Rhode Island 02842
Phone: 401-849-3400


Address: P.O. Box 3054
Location: Newport, Rhode Island 02840
Phone: 401-848-9867
Email: cats@pawswatch.org

Potter League for Animals

Address: 87 Oliphant Lane
Location: Middletown , Rhode Island 02872
Email: info@potterleague.org

Potter League For Animals

Address: P.O. Box 412
Location: Newport, Rhode Island 02840
Phone: 401-846-8276
Email: christies@potterleague.org

The Potter League for Animals

Address: PO Box 412
Location: Newport, Rhode Island 02840
Phone: 401-846-0592
Email: ChristieS@potterleague.org