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Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler
Gender: Female
Age: 7 Years
Microchip: 991001911272492
Rabies Tag:
Color: White with brown around her eye
Lost 7/28/2022
Lost Pet


Breed: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 2021 Years
Microchip: 991001911272462
Rabies Tag:
Lost 9/27/2021
Lost Pet

Maggie Mae

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Gender: Female
Age: 10 Years
Microchip: 941000013885618
Rabies Tag:
Color: red/bronze
Lost 7/3/2018
Lost Pet


Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Gender: Female
Age: 16 Years
Microchip: 0a10532852
Rabies Tag:
Color: black and white
Lost 6/29/2016
Lost Pet


Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Gender: Male
Age: 14 Years
Rabies Tag:
Color: Black
Lost 8/27/2015
Lost Pet


Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Gender: Female
Age: 13 Years
Microchip: 985121004656778
Rabies Tag:
Color: Blue & Gold
Lost 12/24/2014
Lost Pet

Cambell County Humane Society

Address: 801 E 4th St. #9
Location: Gillette , Wyoming 82717
Email: campbellcounty.humanesociety@gmail.com