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Be very careful. Lost pets can be frightened, aggressive, or extremely shy. The animal may also be quite stressed and be suspicious of anyone who approaches. Other animals may be quite friendly and come running up to you as if you were a long lost friend or jump right into your car if you open the door.

Here are some tips if you happen upon a lost pet:

  • As soon as you spot a lost pet, immediately note the time of day, location, approximate size, species, breed, color, and markings of the animal. The animal may disappear quickly so it's important to remember as much as possible. Call petkey at 734-600-3463 with this information as soon as possible.

  • If the animal is wearing an ID tag or matches the description from a lost pet poster that has been emailed to you from petkey call 866-699-find (3463) or email us right away and we will contact the owner and make arrangements for the found pet and owner to be reunited.

  • If possible take the found pet to the nearest vet, shelter or animal control to be scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is present, write it down and call petkey at 734-600-3463.

  • Never approach an injured or outwardly aggressive animal. Call your local police department immediately and try to keep the animal in sight while maintaining a safe distance. Warn others not to approach the animal.

  • If you bring a stray pet home DO NOT allow it to come in contact with your pets. The animal may be sick and will almost certainly be quite stressed. Quarantine the animal in a separate room, garage, or kennel enclosure.