English Mastiff Breed Profile


This dog is very massive, powerful and muscular. The head is heavy and square with a short muzzle. There is a black mask around the eyes and noseáá no matter what the general coat color.


The coat comes in golden fawn, light fawn, brindle, silver, tiger, and apricot.


It is a self-confident, watchful, and patient dog who is gentle-natured towards his family. Intelligent and dignified. It rarely barks, but it is in its nature to defend its territory and family.


The English Mastiff and the mastiff breed in general, is one of the oldest breeds still around today. The name roughly translates to powerful. They are descendents of the ancient Alaunt and Molosser. It is believed that the Mastiff was first brought to England in the 6th century. Their primary use was for bull-baiting, hunting wild boar and hogs, and bear-baiting. Since being outlawed, the breed has undergone a transformation to the ideal family pet.

Care Level