Norwegian Lundehund Breed Profile


To enable the dog to climb, descend, and brake on these cliffs, unique structural characteristics have evolved and must be present as they define this breed: a minimum of six toes on each foot and elongated rear foot pads; an elastic neck that allows the head to bend backward to touch the spine, letting the dog turn around in narrow puffin bird caves; and shoulders flexible enough to allow the front legs to extend flat to the side in order to hug the cliffs. This shoulder structure produces a peculiar rotary movement. Finally, the ears close and fold forward or backward to protect from debris.


Fallow to reddish brown to tan with black hair tips and white markings or white with red or dark markings.


A Lundehund is alert, very energetic, loyal and protective. He can be wary of strangers but never aggressive toward people.


Norwegian Lundehunds have six toes on each foot, including two dewclaws. The extra toes allowed them to climb steep areas to hunt for their prey, making them excellent hunters. Today they are known to be a wonderful loving, playful family pet.

Care Level