Norwegian Buhund Breed Profile


The Norwegian Buhund is a herding dog. It is a typical northern breed, a little under medium size and squarely built, with a tightly curled tail carried over the back. The head is wedge-shaped and not too heavy, with prick ears. As it is extremely intelligent by nature, consistent training is needed from early puppyhood. The Buhund has a lot of energy, strength and stamina. This self-appointed watch dog is also content lying at your feet at the end of the day. Broken teeth and honorable scars incurred in the line of herding duty are acceptable.


Wheaton and Black


Self confident, alert, fun loving, lively, agile, and very affectionate with people.


The Norwegian Buhund is an old breed that was used on farms and considered a multipurpose breed. They were created approximately 1000 years ago. Buhunds, like the Icelandic Sheepdogs, were widely dispersed by the Vikings throughout Europe. They were created to be a working farm dog as well as a family companion.

Care Level