German Spitz Breed Profile


The compact, triangular ears close together and high set. The hair on the head is short compared the rest of the body, but it is still very thick. The feet are very small with hair in-between the toes. The eyes appear to be proportionally large. The tail is curled on top of the back and lies against the side of the body.


The Giant Spitz coat colors are solid white, brown or black.


Happy, alert, watchful and buoyant. German Spitz make good watchdogs. Appearing to always smile and laugh, willful, bold and sometimes temperamental.


The German Spitz is bred in three separate size divisions Toy, 9 inches to 12 inches; Miniature, over 12 inches to and including 15 inches; and Standard, over 15 inches to and including 19 inches.

Care Level