Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Profile


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a dog of distinct variety and ancient origin, who derives his name from his hunting style and not his relationship to other breeds. He is an attractive dog of handy size, exhibiting substance without coarseness. He is compact, not leggy, obviously built for hard work and endurance. The Welsh Springer Spaniel gives the impression of length due to obliquely angled forequarters and well developed hindquarters. Being a hunting dog, he should be shown in hard muscled working condition.


The color is rich red and white only.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an active dog displaying a loyal and affectionate disposition. Although reserved with strangers, he is not timid, shy nor unfriendly. To this day he remains a devoted family member and hunting companion.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel originated in Wales and has existed since before the 1300s. It is not as outgoing as its English Springer cousin, but it is still polite and peaceful with everyone and other animals. It has a pretty feathered long coat that needs frequent brushing and trimming. This medium sized coat will do well in both summer and winter.

Care Level