Llewellin Setter Breed Profile


The Llewellin has a silky coat at medium length throughout the body with it growing a little longer in the shoulder and neck. The coat pattern can include spots or tickets, and has webbed toes for swimming making the dog a great family or hunting dog.


White, black, orange or chestnut color spots or markings


This dog is a gentle, affectionate fun loving dog that loves to play and exercise. They get along with any person or pet if grown up with. These dogs are extremely intelligent and energetic requiring exercise and mind stimulation daily.


The Llewellin Setter descends directly from the longest existing breed of Setters in the world. Because of the breedsÆ ancestors, the Llewellin Setters inherent the instinct to hunt and track down birds.

Care Level

Medium (may be difficult to housebreak)