Spinone Italiano Breed Profile


Muscular dog with powerful bone. Vigorous and robust, his purpose as hardworking gun dog is evident. Naturally sociable, the docile and patient Spinone is resistant to fatigue and is an experienced hunter on any terrain. His hard textured coat is weather resistant. His wiry, dense coat and thick skin enable the Spinone to negotiate underbrush and endure cold water that would severely punish any dog not so naturally armored. He has a remarkable tendency for an extended and fast trotting gait. The Spinone is an excellent retriever by nature.


The accepted colors are: Solid white, white and orange; orange roan with or without orange markings; white with brown markings, brown roan with or without brown markings.


Extremely intelligent, happy, upbeat and enthusiastic, the Spinone Italiano is a pleasant, easy-going breed. He is easily satisfied when treated as a member of the family. Although serious when at work in the field, he definitely has a clownish side that is often quite entertaining.


The Spinone Italiano originates from Italy and was bred as a gun dog. They are rare in the United States, but remain an excellent hunter in Europe. The Spinone Italiono has a keen sense of smell and is an excellent retriever.

Care Level