Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breed Profile


Medium-sized, cobby, strong and muscular, with a long, thick coat and hanging hair that covers the eyes. His herding and working ability is attributed to an intense desire to please and compatible nature. He is lively but self-controlled, clever and perceptive and well known for an excellent memory.


All coat colors are acceptable. The most common colors are white with either black, gray or sandy patches and gray with white, or chocolate.


He is stable and self confident. He needs a dominant master and consistent training from the time he is very young. When not used as a herding or working dog, he can be a magnificent companion as he seems to fit into any type of lifestyle. He is extremely loyal, but somewhat aloof and suspicious of strangers.


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog originated in Polands lowland plains as a herding dog. Today they are wonderful family pets and companions, although they are still a first rate herder. They have been known to be good therapy dogs.

Care Level