Komondor Breed Profile


The Komondor is characterized by imposing strength, dignity, courageous demeanor, and pleasing conformation. He is a large, muscular dog with plenty of bone and substance, covered with an unusual, heavy coat of white cords.


Color of the coat is white, but not always the pure white of a brushed coat. A small amount of cream or buff shading is sometimes seen in puppies, but fades with maturity.


The Komondor is serious, confident, alert and commanding. It can be very reserved with strangers and is very territorial and highly protective of his family, house, car, and livestock.


The Komodor is an old breed, originating in Hungary in the 1500s. They were bred to herd and protect herds of sheep, as well as the shepherdÆs family. KomodorÆs were bred to have a similar look to the type of sheep that were guarding, so the predators couldnÆt see them; making them the most effective guardians of all the flock guard breeds.

Care Level

Medium (harder to train the older the dog gets)