Irish Setter Breed Profile


The Irish Setter is an active, aristocratic bird dog, rich red in color, substantial yet elegant in build. Standing over two feet tall at the shoulder, the dog has a straight, fine, glossy coat, longer on ears, chest, tail and back of legs. Afield, the Irish Setter is a swift-moving hunter; at home, a sweet natured, trainable companion.


Mahogany or rich chestnut red with no black. A small amount of white on chest, throat or toes, or a narrow centered streak on skull has been seen.


The Irish Setter has a playful personality. Shyness, hostility or timidity are uncharacteristic of the breed. An outgoing, stable temperament is the essence of the Irish Setter.


The Irish Setter first became popular around the late 1700Æs. It is commonly accepted that this breed developed from crosses between the Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Terrier, English Setter, Spaniel, and Pointer, with a little Gordon Setter thrown in along the way. Early versions were red and white, but the breeders in the early 1800Æs began to focus on creating the solid red version that we know today.

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