34 Ways to Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week with Your Dog

It’s Pet Appreciation Week! This week, pencil in a little extra time to spend with your cat or dog. To help you figure out what you can do with this time, we have compiled a list of goodies.

Choose one, two, three, or maybe even all the activities! Your dog will be thrilled to be spending time with you.

Goodie #1: New Sights, Smells, and Places

After a while, we become accustomed to a routine. We take the same route on each walk. We go to the same places and see the same people. This week let’s stir it up a bit.

Dogs love to see, and smell, new places. Take a different route on your walk a few times this week. Take a longer walk. Or, take your dog hiking for the first time (if your dog feels up to it).

If your dog is a senior or has health problems, you can take him swimming instead. Swimming is easier on the joints.

Goodie #2: Make a Date

If your dog adores other dogs, a play date is an easy way to reduce his stress and increase his happiness. Play dates also provide an excellent way to release energy.

How could it get any better? Your dog gets to be social, exercise, and feel better mentally! Who knows, maybe you’ll make this part of your routine after Pet Appreciation Week!

If your dog hasn’t had a play date before, don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t go as planned. Just like we have preferences in our friends, they have preferences with theirs.

Goodie #3: Homemade Doggy Treats

Homemade dog treats are a tasty way to let your dog know how much you love him. Take a look at the recipes below and pick your favorite.

Cesar Millan’s Recipe List

Puppy Leaks Recipe List (All made with 5 ingredients or less)

Easy Baby Food Doggy Treats

If you conduct a search, you’ll certainly find more doggy treat recipes. But, the ones included here will give you a head start.

Goodie #4: Paint a Portrait

You can honor your dog, and have a forever memory, by having a portrait painted of your dog. Find your favorite photo and send it in to an artist. If you look around, they aren’t usually overly expensive.

Etsy is an excellent place to find an artist if you don’t already have one in mind.

Goodie #5: Teach a New Trick

Training your dog might not sound like something she would enjoy. But, the truth is, dogs love having a purpose. They love showing off their skills. And, they love making you happy.

Training your dog to do a new trick is a great way to spend some time this week.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can also build an agility course and train your dog to run through it. Agility courses can be unbelievably fun for you and your dog.

Goodie #6: Lets Go Boating

If your dog is one who enjoys boating, why not go for a boat ride? After all, it is June. It’s muggy. It’s hot. Going for a boat ride, and maybe even going swimming, is a great way to spend your time together.

Don’t forget about the doggy life jacket! Even dogs who swim well will struggle to stay above water if they were to fall overboard.

There’s So Much More

There are so many activities you can do with your dog. Many don’t need any explanation at all. Here are some more ideas:

7.      Visit the beach with your dog

8.      Go on a mini-vacation

9.      Go for a run or a jog… instead of a walk

10.   Play frisbee

11.   Go camping

12.   Take a road trip

13.   Visit the pool

14.   Give your dog a little extra grooming time

15.   Take a nap together

16.   Bring your dog fishing with you

17.   Bring your dog to work (if permitted)

18.   Have a photo shoot

19.   Make your dog his favorite food

20.   Play hide-and-seek

21.   Visit the dog park

22.   Relax on the couch

23.   Visit an indoor dog park

24.   Schedule a grooming session

25.   Play in the sprinklers and cool down

26.   Bring your dog ‘out to dinner’

27.   Make homemade ice pops

28.   Put some finger paint on your dog’s paw and make an everlasting painting

29.   Get your dog a Kong toy

30.   Play tug-of-war

31.   Play fetch

32.   Teach your dog how to find her toys

33.   Get your dog some puzzle toys

34.   Learn how to give doggie massages

The Bottom Line: It All Boils Down to Time

What all these activities boil down to is… time. Your dog doesn’t truly care if the time is spent hiking or lounging on the couch. Spend some extra time with your dog this week. Love on your dog a little more than your normal (if that’s possible!).