missing since Friday, April 1, 2016
Pet Photo

  • Pet Name Greñas
  • Breed Yorkshire Terrier
  • Age 13 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Coloring Brown, black, blonde, white.
  • Microchip N/A
  • Rabies Tag N/A
  • Ref # 1475475
  • Pet Description He has little moles right beneath his mouth .
Last Known Location

City: Bridgeview, Illinois 60455  Crossroads: Harlem Ave. / 71 Street

A Message From the Owner

Last seen on April 1st around 2PM in Bridgeview, IL. He responds to the name Greñas and he has a green collar with a red medallion attatched that says CookCounty. He has longer hair on his face than any other part of his body. If found please contact 773-263-4852 or 773-344-4854 .

This Pet Needs Your Help!

If you have any information on this pet's location please contact Petkey immediately at 734-600-3463

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