Australian Terrier Breed Profile


A small, sturdy, medium-boned working terrier, rather long in proportion to height with pricked ears and docked tail. Blue and tan, solid sandy or solid red in color, with harsh-textured outer coat, a distinctive ruff and apron, and a soft, silky topknot. As befits their heritage as versatile workers, Australian Terriers are sound and free moving with good reach and drive. Their expression keen and intelligent; their manner spirited and self-assured.


Blue and tan, solid sandy and solid red.


The Australian Terrier is spirited, alert, courageous, and self-confident, with natural aggressiveness of a hunter; as a companion, friendly and affectionate.


The Australian Terrier originated sometime in the 1800s. They were bred to work on farms in the harsh climate f the Outback. Australian Terriers were ratters and vermin hunters on the farms, and companions to the family. It is believed that the Australian Terrier has helped create other popular terrier breeds; the Yorkshire, Dandie Dinmont, Manchester, Irish, and Cairn terriers.

Care Level

Medium (Energized and Digs)