Toy Poodle Breed Profile


Coat is curly and relatively short. Elegant, lively, but small figured. Feet are small, oval, and webbed. Long, flat, and wide ears that hang close to its long but slightly rounded head. Dark almond shaped eyes. Lively with a springy gait.


Any Solid Colors


Sensitive and very intelligent. Very responsibe which makes for it to be one of the most trainable breeds. Pleasant, happy, lively, and especially cheerful around people. Good with older considerate children. Must be socialized at a young age. Good watch dog for its size.


The Toy Poodle is believed to be of German descent, originally called Pudelhund, but their true history still remains a mystery. The German name roughly translates to splash dogs, named because of their swimming and water retrieval capabilities. Since the breedÆs creation, France has adopted it as its national dog.

Care Level