Dutch German Shepherd Breed Profile


The body is muscular and symmetrical. The muzzle is long and the teeth are strong and regular. The eyes are dark and slightly slanting and the relatively small ears are stiffly erect. The tail is slightly curved.áThe chest and belly are deep and not too drawn up. The feet are relatively small and do not have dewclaws. The toes are well arched.


Although the coat types vary, the color possibilities remain the same for each: various shades of brindle, including gray, yellow, silver, red or gold brindle, and blue.


These affectionate, happy to be around dogs are obedient, sober and very loyal to its handler and family. Friendly, loving, playful and highly energetic. A very happy dog, smile a lot. Cunningly smart.


By now you have experienced the pure energy of your Dutch German Shepherd. This breed is a great sportsman and loves canine games such as agility, flyball, protection sports and herding. Find your local canine club today and start a fun and exciting lifestyle with your pet.

Care Level