Tosa Breed Profile


The head is large, with a broad skull, fairly abrupt stop, and a moderately long, squared-off muzzle. The jaws are very powerful. The skin at the neck forms a dewlap. The ears are fairly small and pendant, falling along the cheeks. The eyes are small, dark and almond-shaped, with a dignified expression. The long tail is very thick at the root then tapers to a point, reaching the hocks.


The preferred color is solid red, though black, yellow, black & tan, fawn, brindle and multi-colored is also permissible.


The Tosa is a brave, fearless and bold dog. Very attuned to his master's wishes and greatly sensitive to the tone of ones voice. Protective and loyal. Exceptionally quiet, calm and patient.


The Tosa has been bred for hundreds of years in Japan. The best of the Japanese Tosas that were cross-bred with newly imported European breeds are the Mastiff, Bulldog, Great Dane, Bull Terrier, and St. Bernard. They are powerful, fast and athletic type of dog. Tosa is a rare breed even in their native land. It has recently been introduced to the USA.

Care Level