Lancashire Heeler Breed Profile


The Lancashire Heeler is set low to the ground; legs are short in relation to the rest of the body. It has wide-set larger ears. The ears should be erect, drop ears are undesired by breeders. The head is always in proportion with the body. The bright eyes are set wide apart. The legs are short and sturdy and the paws turn out slightly. The hindquarters are very well muscled. The chest is long, deep and the abdomen is firm. The back is strong. The tail is set high and carried forward over the back.


Any color is acceptable


The Lancashire Heeler is very alert and friendly with those he knows but may be wary of strangers.


The Lancashire HeelerÆs origins are uncertain, but it is believed that they are a close cousin to the Welsh Corgi. LancashireÆs were bred as a herding breed, similar to the Corgis. Though it is believed that they came after the Corgi, there is some proof that the Lancashire has been in existence since the 16th century.

Care Level

Medium (can be stubborn)