Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Profile


The Lagotto is a small/medium sized dog, well proportioned, square built, hardy muscled. The head is quite big and supported by powerful neck. Its teeth should form a scissors bite. The eyes are round and relatively big they can be in any color between dark yellow and dark brown, it usually depends on the color of the coat.


The coat can be off-white, solid white, white with brown or rust patches, different shades of brown, or rust solid color, a brown mask is acceptable.


The Lagotto is loyal, keen, affectionate, very attached to his owner and easy to train. It gets on well with other dogs and the other pets if sufficiently socialized.


Lagotto Romagnolos are very outdoorsy and would enjoy being part of the outside activities. They can adapt to apartment living but would exercise everyday. Farm life would be a great environment for the Lagotto.

Care Level