Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Profile


The Entlebucher is a square, sturdy dog with typical working dog features. It has small, triangular ears and rather small, lively brown eyes. The head is well proportioned to the body, with a strong flat skull. The long jaw is well formed and powerful. The feet are compact supporting its muscular body.


This tricolor coat has white on its toes, tail-tip, chest and blaze; the tan always lies between the black and the white.


The Entlebucher is a people person dog who loves to be surrounded by his people and friends. Alert and very eager to please. It was first used as a cattle driver, today it is used as a livestock guarder and a companion.


If you find the Entlebucher rounding up children like cattle, remember its intended purpose, herding. This may come in handy at the park. However take caution with this behavior and learn to work with this household pet through a consistent obedience training regiment. Consider other canine sports such as agility, flyball or competition herding to keep them challenged.

Care Level