Chinook Breed Profile


The Chinook has a compact muscular frame that well suites this gentle sled dog. The body is well balanced; the chest is deep; moderate bone and flexible musculature are prominent. The skin on the head is tight with no wrinkles. The stop is moderate and there is a furrow running vertically from the stop to the occiput. The muzzle is powerful, and the teeth are enduring.


In color the Chinook is tawny.


These are dedicated, hard-working and versatile sled dogs. Performing their given task is their primary concern in life. In addition to sled-pulling, the breed also can be used for carting, obedience, flyball, search & rescue, and packing.


The Chinook breed began in 1929, with the start of one dog, named Chinook. Arthur Treadwell Walden started this breed with his faithful companion and introduced Belgian Shepherds, German Shepherds, and Canadian Eskimo Dogs. Records are very complete on this breed, since it is a new breed.

Care Level