Bracco Italiano Breed Profile


The Bracco Italiano has large, oval eyes, that are dark ochre or brown. Also, ears that set level with the eyes and the leather extends to nose tip, supple, narrow base, rouded tips. The nose is large , spongy, portruding slightly over lips. And the tail is level with the croupline, thick base, stright, and tends to taper.


White, white with orange, amber, or chestnut markings


The Bracco Italiano dog breed is very energetic and requires exercise. Braccos Italianos also tend to be stubborn sometimes but overall they are loyal to their owners and are responsive.


The Bracco Italiano was well-liked throughout the Renaissance period. During this time, the Medici and Gonzaga families bred the Bracco Italiano. The Italian breeder, Ferdinando Delor de Ferrabouc, saved the Bracco Italiano breed when it almost became extinct at the end of the 1800s.

Care Level