Boykin Spaniel Breed Profile


The Boykin Spaniel was developed in the United States as an all-around hunting dog, with a neat compact body. The Boykin Spaniel is medium in size, with emphasis placed on his hunting abilities, characterized by flushing and retrieving, with moderate speed and agility. With his pendulous ears, intelligent expression, sturdy build and friendly wagging tail proclaim him part of the spaniel family.


The Boykin Spaniel color is solid - rich liver, brown or dark chocolate.


The typical Boykin is friendly, a willing worker, intelligent and easy to train. The Boykin Spaniel thrives on human companionship and gets along well with other dogs and children. He shows great eagerness and energy for the hunt yet controllable in the field. Any sign of excessive aggression towards other dogs is not acceptable and should be penalized.


The Boykin Spaniel was originally bred in South Carolina for hunting wild turkeys in the Wateree River Swamp. Their small size makes them easy to carry in a canoe or other small boat, and they are described as the dog that doesnÆt rock the boat.

Care Level