Bergamasco Breed Profile


The Bergamasco is a medium size dog, well proportioned and harmonious having a rustic appearance.á He is a solidly compact dog with a strong, powerful build that gives him great resistance without taking away any of his agility and speed of movement.á His imposing aspect is increased by the thick coat which is one of his typical characteristics and makes him different from any other dog.á The Bergamascos coat is characterized by three types of hair which is abundant and formsá mats or flocks which is the distinguishing characteristic of this breed.


The color of the coat can be anything from gray or silver gray to anthracite (coal color).


Strong, sound and brave, the Bergamasco is above all very intelligent and balanced.


The Bergamasco was bred by nomads since they are considered guard dogs that guide and protect herds. Shepherds needed a helper to be as independent as possible, so the Bergamasco was developed to problem solve on its own.

Care Level