Staghound Breed Profile


Staghounds are sighthounds and often exhibit characteristics of both Scottish Deerhounds and Greyhounds. Like Greyhounds they are running dogs that can run at great speeds but unlike Greyhounds they have greater endurance. They are known for their excellent visual acuity.


They can have either a shag, slick or broken coat type and come in the same coloring at Greyhounds and Deerhounds


Great with Kids and make wonderful companions. They are fast but not hyperactive and once mature are often described as being lazy around the house. They have been bred for hunting so households with other non-canine pets might require special consideration.


Primarily the result of Greyhound and Scottish Deerhound genetics.

Care Level

Require daily physical and mental exercise. They live to run and should be able to do so regularly. Grooming requires periodic brushing for shorter coats and more frequent for longer coats.