Argentine Dogo Breed Profile


It is a muscular, yet graceful dog of mastiff stock with very strongá jaws, and a short, sleek, glossy, thick, and always white coat. The head is convex in the front, with a moderate stop. The skull is massive and the jaws are strong and tenacious. The muzzle should be about the same length as the skull. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The ears are customarily docked and the eyes should either be dark brown or dark hazel with an alert, intelligent and intense expression. The nose should be black. The chest is wide and deepágiving an impression of strength.




The Argentine Dogo is an excellent guardian of the home. Loyal to the family, playful and intelligent. It is good with children and loves to kiss and cuddle with those the family accepts. Dogos are easy to train. This is a highly intelligent, powerful dog who needs a firm and consistent, but loving hand.


The Argentine Dogo is the only dog to originate from Argentina. They are a young breed, only in existence since the 1920s. DogoÆs owe their lives to 2 brothers who wanted to create the perfect large game hunting dog that could also serve as a reliable family companion. Due to their make-up, they are one of the few breeds that there are no recorded health-related issues for.

Care Level