Wire Fox Terrier Breed Profile


Bone and strength in a small compass are essential, but this must not be taken to mean that a Terrier should be "cloddy," or in any way coarse--speed and endurance being requisite as well as power. The Terrier must on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short on the leg. He should stand like a cleverly made, short-backed hunter, covering a lot of ground.


White should predominate; brindle, red, liver or slaty blue are objectionable.


The Terrier should be alert, quick of movement, keen of expression, on the tip-toe of expectation at the slightest provocation.


The Wire Fox Terrier, as with its cousin, The Toy Fox Terrier, was bred to assist in fox hunting. They were bred to be small, sturdy, tenacious dogs that could enter the foxes den and bring the query out. Up until the 19th century, all of the Fox Terriers were in one group. The breeds had many different qualities that they were finally separated into the groups we see today.

Care Level