Weimaraner Breed Profile


A medium-sized gray dog, with fine aristocratic features. He should present a picture of grace, speed, stamina, alertness and balance. Above all, the dog's conformation must indicate the ability to work with great speed and endurance in the field.




Friendly, very active, fearless, alert and obedient. They are protective and loyal to their families.


The Weimaraner was developed sometime around the 1200s exclusively for the nobility of the time. During Louis IX of FranceÆs time, the aim was to create a noble-looking, reliable gun dog. Ownership of the Weimaraner was restricted, and therefore owning one was highly desired. It was much later in the Weims history that they became the dog of today. While they retain their gun dog status, they have been bred also to be the family pet.

Care Level