Mountain Cur Breed Profile


The Mountain Cur is a dog that was bred for its work, such as hunting. These dogs are stocky and rugged with a short coat. The neck is strong and white with a muscular head with shorter ears. The Cur has cat like feet that are made for speed with its straight legs and a deep chest.


Yellow, brindle, black, brindle & black, often with white points


These work dogs are not generally suiting for anything but work. These dogs were born to work and are intelligent and easily trained. The way to succeed with these dogs is to give them a job to do and they will be happy.


It is believed that the majority of the Mountain Curs were imported into the New World by eager Europeans on a quest to settle for a new home. This breed received the definitive distinction, mountain, based upon being raised by mountain settlers in the rocky terrain of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Care Level