Dutch Shepherd Breed Profile


The Dutch Shepherd can come in three varying hair styles: long-haired, short-haired, and wire-haired. This dog has a firm body and a longer muzzle, with a deep chest and a belly slightly tucked up.


Golden or Silver


The Dutch Shepherd is known as an affectionate, obedient, tractable, alert, faithful, reliable, intelligent and lively dog. However, these behavior traits should not be underestimated as this breed needs clear guidance and leadership. If strong leadership is not provided this dog will try to take over and dominate the house.


This breed, in its various coat textures, evolved in the early 1800's in the southern part of the Netherlands, especially the province of Brabant, and in neighboring Belgium, which was then part of the Netherlands. Division by coat texture occurred when dog shows began 100 years ago.

Care Level