Old English Bulldog Breed Profile


This bulldog is a medium sized dog with great strength, and athleticism. Well balanced and proportioned, with large check and powerful jaws. A slightly wrinkled forehead in normal on top of a large but proportioned skull.


Brindle of red, gray, fawn or black; either solid or pied (with white).


The Old English BulldogÆs appearance can be somewhat intimidating, but they are one of the gentlest of all the breeds. They are very affectionate, dependable, gentle, persistent, intelligent, and independent. Old English Bulldogs make some of the best family pets due to their ability to handle hours of play with children.


Bulldogs use to be known as bull baiting dogs, attracting and hunting much larger animals, such as boars, to attack and fight for entertainment and/or protection. England soon outlawed the bull baiting tactic, which decreased the population of the Old English Bulldog until a couple decided to rejuvenate the breed.

Care Level