Sussex Spaniel Breed Profile


During the late 1800's the reputation of the Sussex Spaniel as an excellent hunting companion was well known among the estates surrounding Sussex County. Its short legs, massive build, long body, and habit of giving tongue when on scent made the breed ideally suited to penetrating the dense undergrowth and flushing game within range of the gun. Strength, maneuverability, and desire were essential for this purpose.


Rich golden liver is the only acceptable color and is a certain sign of the purity of the breed.


Despite its somber and serious expression, the breed is friendly and has a cheerful and tractable disposition.


The Sussex Spaniel is a rare breed developed in Sussex, England in the 1800s. They were bred as hunting and companion dogs, which have also developed great retrieving and tracking abilities. The Sussex Spaniel takes great pride in their work.

Care Level