Munsterlander Breed Profile


The Munsterlander is a black and white dog with hair of medium length. They weigh 50-75 lbs with males about 60-67 cm and females 58-65 cm at the shoulder. In its German homeland and some other countries, this dog has been bred for over a century for hunting and not show. Hence coat color is highly variable, ranging from predominantly white to predominantly black. Markings occur as solid white patches, or ticked or roan regions.


Black and white


The Munsterlander is an athletic, intelligent multi-purpose gun dog, and an excellent family pet. They are calm and gentle with children, loyal, affectionate, and trustworthy. As a field dog they are more responsive to the handler than other breeds.


The Munsterlander evolved from the ancient long haired hawking and retrieving dogs found across Europe, where they can be seen depicted in paintings from the 16th century.

Care Level