Berger Picard Breed Profile


The Berger Picard is a medium-sized dog with prick ears and thick hair and eyebrows. This loyal dog can make a good family pet but can also be a movie star with the Berger Picard starring in many movies.


It comes in a range of fawn and gray shades, including light fawn, dark fawn, gray, gray with black highlights, blue gray, gray red, and brindle.


This dog wants to be part of a pack, making it unsuitable for life locked away by itself. The Picard is intelligent and learns quickly but can be stubborn at time. Energetic, and friendly this dog can be out on the farm herding sheep or inside with the children.


Possibly the oldest of the French Shepherds, arriving with the Celts in AD 800. Both world wars nearly caused the bred to go extinct making the dog rare these days.

Care Level