Mudi Breed Profile


The Mudi is a rare dog with a wavy or curly coat with medium length everywhere but the face and legs where the hair is short. These dogs have short or possibly no tail. The back of the dog is straight and rather long with the hind legs wide set.


Coat colors include black, white, red, brown, gray, bread-pale, and fallow.


This dog is versatile and can hunt, herd, flock, guard and many others along with being a family companion. Being that this dog is rare, the few owners with the dogs say that the Mudi is uncomparable with their intelligence and power. These dogs learn tasks remarkably quick and do not get aggressive with strangers.


The Mudi originated from Hungary as a herding breed. They would herd sheep, cow and also guard flock. In Finland, they were known as a great mountain rescue dog. The Mudi is fearless and not even wild boar can scare them away.

Care Level