Rafeiro Do Alentjo Breed Profile


This extra large dog has a broad rounded head, with a short and strong neck. Strong upright limbs in the front and rear hold up this big animal with a curving tail. The hair is medium length and thick, straight and dense.


Black, tawny or yellowish, that is in a striped or spotted pattern


This big dog is calm, sober and brave making it a great watch dog as they are great with a family, but come suspicious of strangers at night and are very territorial. Because of the size and dominance of this dog, if you donÆt train it early a grown dog can be too strong and big to conform to your demands.


The Rafeiro do Alentejo is a breed of dog that originated in Portugal. The Rafeiro do Alentejo was bred to be a livestock and property guardian dog. They tend to mature slowly, making them lively puppies until about four years old.

Care Level

Easy if trained early