Norrbottenspets Breed Profile


This dog has a powerful appearance with the males looking noticeably more masculine that the females. The ribcage on the Norrbottenspets is oval and deep, with well-developed ribs. The arched neck makes the body look speedy with an underline that has only a slight tuck up.


White, with yellowish red or reddish brown markings.


The Norrbottenspets is a loving dog with loyalty to their families. Because they were bred to hunt, they are also extremely brave and independent. The Norrbottenspets are active, intelligent and sometimes have a mind of their own.


The Norbottenspets breed originated in Sweden in the 1600Æs as a hunting companion. They are a breed of dog similar to the Spitz type. The Norbottenspets purpose was as a farm and hunting dog but today are primarily companion dogs.

Care Level