Stabyhoun Breed Profile


This long coated pointer is greater in length than height. The skin is on the body closely with no dewlaps. The hair on the ears runs from long to short starting at the base. The back of both legs and the tail should also be a little bushy.


Black, brown and orange with white marking. Spotting and/or roan in the white are acceptable.


This dog is a friendly, intelligent, patient dog that is obedient to its owner making it easy to train. This dog needs plenty of exercise and could spend a whole day outside working. These dogs can at times be stubborn but generally are soft and gentle.


The Stabyhoun originated in the Netherlands as early as the 1800s. They were bred as a gun dog and made excellent hunters and retrievers. The Stabyhoun was known to hunt fox, birds and other small game. They made wonderful pointers and watchdogs as well.

Care Level