Karelian Bear Dog Breed Profile


The Bear Dog has a fine, soft undercoat with no curl at all. The ears are small and perked, with a long tail that curls over the back.


Mostly black with white markings


The Karelian Bear Dog is sensitive, intelligent, skillful, energetic, and considered to have a wonderful sense of humor. They are naturally protective of their family, but typically get along with strangers who are introduced. KarelianÆs get along well with dogs and other non-canine pets. They have an affinity towards children and the elderly, and make excellent therapy dogs.


The Karelian Bear Dog has a long and pure history. Originating in Karelia, this is now part of modern day Finland. They were bred to be protectors against bears, hunters of elk, deer, moose, and companions. KBDÆs are considered one of the rarest breeds in the world, and all of todayÆs stock can be traced back to the 40 dogs that survived World War II.

Care Level