Samoyed Breed Profile


A body not long but muscular, allowing liberty, with a deep chest and well-sprung ribs, strong neck, straight front and especially strong loins. Males should be masculine in appearance and deportment without unwarranted aggressiveness; bitches feminine without weakness of structure or apparent softness of temperament. Bitches may be slightly longer in back than males. They should both give the appearance of being capable of great endurance but be free from coarseness. Because of the depth of chest required, the legs should be moderately long.


Samoyeds should be pure white, white and biscuit, cream, or all biscuit.


Samoyeds are gentle dogs. Peaceable and dignified. Very devoted, they tend to favor one person, but love everyone. They are easy-going, friendly and quite playful.


The Samoyed is an ancient breed, spanning over 3,000 years. They have been a constant companion to man, as well as being a working breed. SammieÆs have been companions, but also used to herd reindeer and sheep, guard the TribeÆs camps, and also as draft and sledge dogs. TodayÆs Sammie is predominately a companion dog.

Care Level