Saint Bernard Breed Profile


Powerful, proportionately tall figure, strong and muscular in every part, with powerful head and most intelligent expression. In dogs with a dark mask the expression appears more stern, but never ill-natured.


White with red or red with white, the red in its various shades; brindle patches with white markings. The colors red and brown-yellow.


They are extremely gentle and friendly and very tolerant of children. The Saint Bernard is slow moving, patient, and obedient. Extremely loyal, this breed wants to please.


The St. Bernard is a very old breed, though their origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. Saints were initially bred to be farm and flock guarders. The Saint became famous from its work in the Alps starting around 1050 AD. The Monks took care to maintain the breed, as well as created the longer, rough coated we see today. The St. Bernard was ideal for the harsh conditions on the Alps, able to locate paths that had been snowed over.

Care Level